About NPPL

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Precision techniques are less ready for practice at the arable farm than was said when they were put on the market. It is often not a case of ‘plug and play’. The National Fieldlab for Precision Farming (NPPL) helps farmers and growers with the application of these techniques. Experts from Wageningen University & Research help 26 participants get started with precision techniques at their farm.

NPPL aims to:

  • increase yields
  • reduce costs
  • reduce environmental impact
  • improve food quality

Selection of participants

Important criteria upon selecting the participants are a serious interest in precision farming, a representation of each region, and the fact that the participants can be role models for all other open soil growers in the Netherlands.

The selected NPPL participants are not the absolute leading group, consisting of a few fanatics. However, the 26 participants are at the forefront of the pack. They want to move forward. Others can learn a lot from the steps these entrepreneurs take.

Follow the NPPL participants and their precision cases on our website. Read about and view the plans, the steps participants take and the results thereof. What difficulties do they have to overcome, and what efforts or costs are involved?

This is the only page translated in English, the rest of this website is written in Dutch. Do you have any inquiries concerning NPPL please do not hesitate to contact us. General questions can be send to Nora de Rijk, communication advisor at Wageningen University and Research (nora.derijk@wur.nl). Questions about the project, the techniques and additional research can be send to Corné Kempenaar, senior research at Wageninen University & Research and project leader NPPL (corne.kempenaar@wur.nl).